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What is the Purpose of Laboratory Autoclaves Laboratory autoclaves can be thought of as similar to ovens, except they use high temperature steam rather than dry heat. Steam is pressurised to reach a temperature typically between 121 and 131 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal steam temperature to sterilise and disinfect objects. In contrast to hot water and detergent, steam [...]

2022-01-14T17:26:02+08:00January 14th, 2022|Blog|

How is Freeze Drying Advancing?

From antibiotics and vaccines to cell and tissue samples, freeze drying is used for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceuticals sector. Also known as lyophilisation, the process freezes samples and exposes them to low pressures. This transforms ice crystals into vapour, which is then extracted from the product. While heat can be an effective way to extract moisture, [...]

2022-01-07T10:12:32+08:00January 7th, 2022|Blog|

What to Consider When Choosing a PCR Master Mix

Carl Strayer, PhD, is a technical service scientist quality specialist . He holds a PhD in biology from the University of Virginia. Q: WHAT ARE SOME ADVANTAGES OR BENEFITS OF INCORPORATING PCR MASTER MIXES INTO PCR ASSAYS? A: A PCR master mix provides efficiency in PCR assay set up with fewer components to gather and prepare (thaw and mix), and fewer [...]

2021-12-24T14:57:30+08:00December 24th, 2021|Blog|

5 Products of Bioevopeak Co., Ltd. have passed CE certification of FEMKO

In November 2021, Bioevopeak Co., Ltd. welcomes the good news again, and some products have obtained CE certification! After rigorous product testing and auditing in the early stage, 5 products including PCR Analyzer, Kjeldahl Protein, Microwave Digestion System, Hematology Analyzer, and Total Organic Carbon Analyzer successfully obtained the EU CE certificate on November 25, 2021. The "CE" mark is [...]

2021-12-13T16:26:05+08:00December 9th, 2021|Company News|

Ongoing Testing for Long-Term Control of COVID-19 Post Vaccination

COVID-19 post vaccination Before the development of vaccines, humans lived with circulating measles, polio, and smallpox viruses due to a level of long-term herd immunity following natural infection. Following the introduction of vaccines, the occurrence of these diseases was reduced by >99 percent, though, with the exception of smallpox, they were never fully eradicated. The emergence of the novel, rapidly transmissible SARS-CoV-2 virus in [...]

2021-12-04T14:21:08+08:00December 4th, 2021|Blog|

What Role Does Refractometry Play in Soft Drink Analysis?

Assessing the amount of sugar, acidity and other vital properties of the finished product is integral to the success of any soft drinks company. Not only must they ensure that their beverages maintain consistency in taste across the entire range, but they must also quantify the concentrations of sugar in their drinks to comply with legal national limits. That’s especially [...]

2021-11-19T14:21:09+08:00November 19th, 2021|Blog|

Decontamination methods for Bio Safety cabinets

When is it necessary to decontaminate a BSC? There are 5 basic reasons why it may be fundamental to carry out a decontamination procedure in BSCs: 1. Before performing any service activity which requires access to potentially biologically contaminated areas of the BSC such as absolute filters or fan replacement. 2. Prior to relocation or movement of the biological safety [...]

2021-11-12T10:52:47+08:00November 12th, 2021|Blog|

How to Choose the Best Pipette Tip for Your Application

Pipette tips come in a whole range of varieties – non-sterile, sterile, filtered, unfiltered, long, short, low retention, wide bore and more – and there are many factors to deliberate when choosing the right tip, from the property of the liquid being pipetted to the type of application. Bioevopeak understands the intricacies and implications of choosing the correct tip, and [...]

2021-11-06T14:07:31+08:00November 6th, 2021|Blog|

3 Sample Handling Techniques

Analytical systems may deliver results but when it comes to boosting precision and accuracy, the importance of best-practice sample handling techniques should never be underestimated. From minimising the risk of biological and chemical activity to establishing a clear chain-of-custody, sample handling techniques ensure results are as reliable as possible. Methods will vary depending on the type of sample, meaning it’s [...]

2021-11-06T13:59:44+08:00November 6th, 2021|Blog|

Types of Sample Used in Laboratories

From hazardous viral swabs to oil-bearing rock fragments, laboratory samples come in an array of shapes and sizes. Some laboratories are equipped to detect COVID-19 and other infectious viruses, while others are purpose-built to analyse oil-bearing rocks extracted during exploratory drilling projects. Below, we take a look at some of the different types of samples handled, prepared and analysed by [...]

2021-10-29T11:03:26+08:00October 29th, 2021|Blog|

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