Temperature range:
If you need to work at temperatures above room temperature (above 30 degrees Celsius) only a heating shaker incubator is needed.
If you need to work at temperatures below room temperature, a heating shaker incubator with cooling is needed.

What is a shaker?
The main part of the incubator is the shaker: An eccentric shaking system based on weights Designed for intensive work for weeks and months continuously.

Desktop or Floor:
If small quantities of utensils need to be shaken, a table incubator (up to 20 250 ml arlenmayers) can be sufficient.
If it is necessary to shake a large amount of Erlenmeyers or dishes in large volumes (3 liters or more) a floor incubator is required.

Uses of Incubator Shaker:
Incubation of microorganism, bacteria, cells and tissues, for research and production In the field of life sciences, Permata, biotech, aquaculture-algae, natural colors, Seeds for agriculture, and in medical research Very common in growing algae and in the production of artificial meat, there are and add to the day and night lighting or UV lighting.

Shaker Incubator Applications:
Biological shakers are essential to cell culture applications :
-Cell and tissue production in regenerative medicine
-Reproductive medicine controlled growth process in pharmaceutical research
-Cell cultrure ,tissue, grow bacteria and yeast, fungus, insect cells, plant cells and algae, plasmid dna production & protein expression, Seed cultures
-Safe tissue production with adherence to all international regulations and requirements such as cell culture under cleanroom conditions
-Food quality testing
-Studies of solubility
-It can cultivate microbial cells and various kinds of strains
-Enzyme reactions- fermentation, hybridization, biochemistry and research of enzyme.