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    1. Rated air volume (m3/h): 4500
    2. Noise (dB(A)): ≤75
    3. Illumination (LX): ≥500
    4. Rated power (Kw): 8.3 (including spare socket)
    5. Control: Touch key switch control
  • Sampling Hood LCBT-10Z-2 Sampling Hood LCBT-10Z-1
    1. Rated air volume (m3/h): 1000
    2. Noise (dB(A)): ≤65
    3. Illumination (LX): ≥500
    4. Sterilization (W): 20
    5. Control: Adjustable wind speed, manual switch
    • Unique designed LED touch screen, etcand convenient to set up and monitor all data.
    • Advanced VOC Detector port detects pollution in time, with special alarm system.
    • Main material ≥ 6mm acrylic board.
    • Remote monitoring function, the Customer can view the running status the device through the mobile phone of client in real time, and can set the running parameters remotely.
    • Gray finish paint wall with epoxy powder coated, with anti-corrosive and anti-rust performance.

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