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Plant Canopy Image Analyzer, BPCN-1300

  1. PAR sensing range: sensing spectrum 400nm~700nm
  2. Measuring range: 0~2000μmol/㎡•S
  3. Analysis software: plant canopy analysis system

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The plant canopy image analyzer is used for the research of various heights of plant canopy. The fisheye lens and CCD image sensor are used to obtain plant canopy images. Through special analysis software, the relevant indicators and parameters of the plant canopy can be obtained. With fisheye lens, user only need do it once to measure plant canopy data, which simplifies the complicated work of traditional measurement methods that require multiple measurements at fixed points a day, and the use of image method to measure canopy can actively avoid inconsistencies in calculating the canopy structure The gap part of the canopy of the parameter can also avoid obstacles that do not meet the measurement


  1. Parameters: the direct sunlight transmittance of the plant canopy, the sky scattered light transmittance, the extinction coefficient of the canopy, the leaf area index and the average leaf inclination angle,PAR
  2. measure and analyze the light conditions of crops, fruit trees, and forest canopies
  3. compare the structure of different plant populations
  4. It is suitable for research and teaching of ecological field plant group dynamic monitoring
  5. Suitable for research and teaching in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, and forestry related to cultivation, breeding, and plant group comparison and development


  • Non-destructive determination of canopy structure
  • Hand-held universal joint automatically adjusts the probe level without a tripod
  • The operation is not affected by cloudy, windy and other environment conditions
  • The portable computer can help you pick points and sample correctly on-site.
  • External lithium battery pack to facilitate observation and long-term measurement, especially suitable for completing heavy observation tasks in the field
  • The image analysis software can define the image analysis area arbitrarily


PAR sensing range  sensing spectrum 400nm~700nm
Measuring range 0~2000μmol/㎡•S
Analysis software  plant canopy analysis system
Power source  8.4v rechargeable lithium battery pack
Probe size  diameter 6cm, height 10cm
Total weight  500 grams (not including laptop)
Transmission interface  USB
Working temperature  0~55℃

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