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Mini Transfer Electrophoresis Tank, GEP-TH-ZY02

  1. Overall dimensions (l× w× d): 150 * 120 * 130mm
  2. Transfer gel area (l× w): 11cm× 9cm
  3. Total buffer capacity: about 700ml

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  1. The positive electrodes gather together for 4cm, generating a strong electric field to carry out effectively.
  2. Protein transfer printing, built-in ice box, blue crystal ice box is optional, which can quickly absorb electricity.
  3. Heat generated by swimming.
  4. Used with HT-Mini01 or Mini04High-flexibility wire, open cover and power-off design to ensure safety;
  5. The electrode can be replaced for easy maintenance;
  6. 99.99% high purity platinum electrode has the best conductivity and corrosion resistance.


Basic parameters:
Overall dimensions (l× w× d) 150 * 120 * 130mm
Transfer gel area (l× w) 11cm× 9cm
Total buffer capacity  about 700ml


Name Quantity
Electrophoresis tank (upper cover) one
Electrophoresis tank (lower tank) one
Transfer core one
Transfer clamp two
foam-rubber cushion 4 blocks
Ice box one
Lan Bing box two
wireway 1 pay
Bubble roll one


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