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Anaerobic Jar, Pumping Type, ANJ-P Series

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ANJ series anaerobic jars are perfect for culturing anaerobes and micro aerobes in any lab. These jars can be used together with anaerobic pouches or with evacuation and replacement method.

  • The jar body structure is one-step formationto avoid leakage.
  • The jar cover is grooved by precision CNC and matched with imported silica O-ring to ensure that the cover is tightly combined with the body, and no risk of leakage.
  • High grade PMMA materials.They are highly polished and can be cleaned with alcohol.
  • The main hardware parts are German brands. Quick insertion and pulling(only for the exhaust type)and exhaust pipe connection instantaneous completion, convenient and fast, ensure that the culture process is absolutely
  • Compared with other similar products in international market, the product performance is equal while is superiority of price.


Standard configuration without petri dishes

Jar Contents Petri dish holder
ANJ-P1 1stack of 6 dishes (Φ9-10cm) 15R
Φ=130mm, h=150mm; 1.5 liter
ANJ-P2 1stack of 12 dishes (Φ9-10cm) 25R
Φ =130mm, h=240mm; 2.5liter
ANJ-P3 1stack of 18 dishes (Φ9-10cm) 15/25R
Φ=130mm, h=330mm; 3.5 liter

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