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Automatic Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer, KFMA-300

  1. Measuring Range: 10 ppm-100% water
  2. Minimum liquid intake: 1μL
  3. Imported electromagnetic three-way valve
  4. Safe and reliable liquid piping system
  5. Anti-corrosion fluid circuit design

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KFMA-310 Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, good repeatability and stable quality. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, battery, plastic and other industries. It is also suitable for the detection of various moisture content in universities, quality inspection and scientific research institutions. It can quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of 10ppm to 100%.

1. High-precision titration system, the smallest liquid can be 1μL;
2. Imported advanced integrated solenoid three-way valve to minimize the dead volume in the valve body; Liquid circuit switching speed is only one hundredth of a second;
3. Convenient and quick operation interface, there are multiple shortcut menus, you can quickly enter functions.
4. Real-time display of the current change of the reaction cup can observe the entire reaction process more intuitively.
5. Provides five method Settings. According to different samples, the titration speed, titration delay and other functions can be set pertinently.
6. Real-time drift tester. The drift can be monitored in real time according to the climate change in the environment, and whether the deduction is needed can be set in the method according to the need;
7. The measurement information conforms to the GLP specification, and can store 200 measurement results, Can be connected to a printer to print.
8. Automatic solvent and waste liquid suction and discharge function, easy operation, no pollution to the environment;
9. Multiple personalized functions, including date, operator number, burette type, terminal current, etc.
10. One-click cleaning. The instrument has one-button cleaning functions, such as power-on cleaning, power-off cleaning, etc.
11. The large-capacity drying bottle can more effectively filter the moisture in the air and reduce the influence of the environment on the measurement results;
12. Fully enclosed operating environment, no contact with reagents during the whole process, which can effectively protect the safety of operators;
13. Low noise. The sound of mechanical structure can hardly be heard during the whole titration process, which keeps you away from the trouble of noise.
14. The special solvent suction pump design eliminates the siphon phenomenon caused by air pressure. Just press the button and it will stop immediately, allowing you to precisely control the volume of solvent.


Model KFMA-300
Measuring Range 10 ppm-100% water
Resolution 1 ppm
Polarization current ±1000 μA
Minimum liquid intake 1 μL
Burette 20ml
Burette accuracy 1/20000
Repeatability ≥ 99.7% (10mg water)
Maximum error < 1%
Features Custom end point delay, titration delay; one-key cleaning; real-time current display
Display 4.3 inch large LCD display
Environment Temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃; Humidity: <80%
Electricity 110-250V, 50Hz
Dimension (W*D*H) 240x340x300 mm
Net Weight 4 kg


No. Name Quantity
1 KSQL-300 Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer 1 set
2 Titration cell components 1 set
3 Burette assembly 1 set
4 Drying tube 4 pcs
5 Link pipeline 8 pcs
6 Reagent bottle 3 pcs
7 Accessories bag 1 pack
8 Manual 1 copy
9 Reagent bottle rack 1 piece
10 Power cord 1 piece
11 10uL injection needle 1 branch


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