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Automatic Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer, KFMA-310S

  1. Display:  Touch screen
  2. Measurement Range: 0.001ppm-100%
  3. Sensitivity: 0.1μg
  4. Determination Principle: Karl-Fischer Coulomb method


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The trace moisture analyzer adopts a 7-inch capacitive high-definition color touch screen, the interface is simple and intuitive, and the operation is simple and fast. The unique circuit and program design has the advantages of high test accuracy, fast electrolysis speed, short equilibration time, accurate blank subtraction, and accurate and reliable analysis results.

Strong environmental adaptability & high measurement accuracy

  • The all-digital intelligent control measurement of the electrolytic measurement process accurately deducts the background current and completely eliminates the influence of ambient air humidity and stirring rate;
  • Exclusive use of real-time dynamic impedance method to determine the titration end point, the measurement results are more accurate;
  • Equilibrium point (titration end point) can be set, which ensures the wide adaptability of the instrument to reagents of different sensitivity

Multiple built-in test methods, easier to test

  • Elaborately refined eight concentration calculation formulas, covering most of the moisture measurement standards at home and abroad;Six test methods are optional to meet various needs;
  • It can store 496 sets of measurement data, and its own printer can query and print in real time

High reliability

  • The core device adopts American industrial grade data conversion chip, which has excellent linearity and long-term stability;
  • The components and key components used are all international first-line brands

Easy to use

  • Navigation menu design, functions are clear at a glance, capacitive touch screen operation, simple and fast operation.

Rich display content, the measurement process is clear at a glance

  • Simultaneously online display of water content, measurement time, PPM, percentage content, electrolysis current, potential, system time. The experimental process is clear at a glance, and problems can be found in time;

A variety of test result units are available, suitable for different samples

  • Automatic calculation of measurement results, including percentage, ppm, mg, etc.;
  • GLP-compliant experimental records, including measurement time, water content, percentage, system time, operator, etc.;


Model KFMA-310S
Display Touch screen
Determination Principle Karl-Fischer Coulomb method, also known as electrolysis
Alarm Function Automatic alarm for excessive iodine
Measuring Voltage Double platinum electrodes, constant current polarization detection, platinum with diaphragm
Electrolytic Current Automatic pulse current 500mA
Blank Current Real-time detection of reagent moisture absorption and automatic deduction
Stirring Speed Stepless speed regulation
Measurement Range 0.001ppm-100%
Unit %、ppm(switchable)
Special Feature After the user injects the sample, the measurement starts automatically, and the data during the measurement is displayed in real time.
Sensitivity 0.1μg
Accuracy When the water content is between 10μg and 1000μg water, the measurement error is less than or equal to 3μg;
When the water content is above 1000μg, the error of the measurement value is less than or equal to 0.3%;
Display Content ug, ppm, percentage, sample number, tester, date;
Auto Print Built-in high-efficiency low-noise line thermal printer;
Instrument Diagnosis Instrument fault self-diagnosis, intuitively reminding users;
Reagent life Automatic tracking of reagent consumption, automatic reminder after failure;
System calibration Built-in calibration routine. Through standard sample calibration, the software can fine-tune the system gain coefficient and correct it to an accurate value;
Analysis speed The user can freely choose the electrolysis speed according to the analysis requirements;
history record It can store 500 records with sample number and time stamp, which can be inquired and printed by users;
Dimensions (W*D*H) 330x495x325mm
voltage AC 220V±10% 50HZ±5%
Optional karl furnace can be added to measure solids or non-productive products


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