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Automatic Polarimeter, high speed, POL-532, POL-531

  • Frequency used methods: 30
  • 8-inch color dot matrix touch LCD
  • Measurement range: ±90° (Optional Rotation) ± 259° Z (Sugar)
  • Minimum reading: 0.001°
  • Test tubes: 200mm 100mm (regular)

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General features

The automatic (high-speed) polarimeter uses light-emitting diodes as the light source to avoid the trouble of frequent replacement of sodium lamps.

The instrument operation interface is large-screen LCD display, fast detection, stable and reliable. The optical rotation and sugar content can be measured at a large angle.

The number of measurements can be set, the average value is calculated, and the instrument adopts a silent design.

POL-532 features

Built-in temperature control device with heating and cooling functions.

The temperature control test tube can be used to control the temperature of the sample.

  • Equipped with a variety of communication interfaces, data can be stored, printed, multi-point calibration, in line with GMP related requirements.



Parameters/Model POL-532 POL-531
Measurement mode Optional rotation, specific rotation, sugar degree and concentration (Custom)
Frequency used methods 30
Light source Light-emitting diode (LED) (up to 10,000 hours) + precision interference filters
Working wavelength 589.44 nm (Sodium D Spectrum)
Measurement range ±90° (Optional Rotation) ± 259° Z (Sugar)
Minimum reading 0.001°
Accuracy ±0.004° ±0.006°
Repeatability ≤0.002°
Min. transmission of samples able to be measured 0.10%
Response speed 8°/s
Measurement time 6 Times/26s
Sample temperature control Yes No
Temperature control mode Peltier (Built-in) No
Temperature control range 10-50℃ No
Temperature control accuracy ±0.2℃ No
Display 8-inch color dot matrix touch LCD
Calibration method Multi-point automatic calibration
Data storage 10000 sets
GMP Regulations No
Output communication interface USB/Printer/U disk
Test tubes 200mm 100mm (regular)
Optional tubes 50mm (regular) 200mm (regular) 50mm (regular)
Weight (Gross) 36 kg
Dimensions 860mm×510mm×470mm





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