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Laminar Flow Cabinet, Horizontal Type, LCB-H Series

  1. Cleanliness: Class 100
  2. Size: 3 feet, 5 foot, 8.5 feet
  3. HEPA filter: 99.999% efficiency at 0.3 um
  4. Protection: sample only

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Laminar Flow Cabinet/ Clean Bench

1. Horizontal laminar flow design, 304 stainless steel countertop,Suitable for using in conjunction with PCR.
2. All-steel frame structure, seamless inner wall and inner top plate, no screws, no dead corners for bacteria, and the surface is lead-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
3. Gravity-balanced sliding front window, “intrinsic safe design” will not hurt the operator’s arm in the event of a failure, and the lift is stable to be positioned at will.
4.The wind speed is adjustable in 6 grades, controlled by a touch switch, and an LED strip indicating system.
5. The coarse-efficiency filter can be replaced, extending the life of the high-efficiency filter.
6. Suitable for teaching, small-scale production and general scientific research.


Parameter/Model LCB-H1350
W ×D×H (including the bracket) 1360×815×1850
Work space dimensions (mm) W ×D×H 1320×630×670
Applicable unmber of persons Double-person and single surface
Weight (kg) 198
Specification and quantity of efficient filters 610×610×50 (2)
Specification and quantity of fluorescent lamps 40W×1
Specification and quantity of UV lamps 40W×1
Maximum power  consumption 220w(No socket)
Illuminance (Lux) ≥400
Cleanliness Class 100
Filtration efficiency Density of dust particles with the diameter ≥ 0.5 μm in each liter air in the work space: ≤ 3.5grains/L
Airflow Velocity (m/s) Average of 0.25~0.60m/s
Noise (dBA) ≤63
Power supply Single phase, AC 220V/50Hz
Laminar flow direction Horizontal laminar flow
Material of work space 304 stainless steel
Material of cabinet Cold-rolled steel plate with plastic-spray treatment+tempered glass
Half peak value of bench surface vibration (μm) ≤5
Number of in-cabinet sockets NO
Control mode LED display+membrane switch

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