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Mini Dry Bath Incubator, DBI-V Series

  1. Main Function: Heating, Natural/Fan Cooling
  2. Temp. control range: RT-10°C/+5°C~100℃
  3. Optional blocks: 2-32 wells for 0.2-50 ml tubes
  4. Microcomputer control, Over-temperature protection
  5. Several programs can be opened and closed independently
  6. Automatic fault detection with buzzer alarm

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Mini series incubator is thermostatic mini dry bath controlled by a microcomputer and can be applied to a vehicle power supply. It’s small, light and easy to move, especially suitable for wild use and in crowded experimental environments.

Product Features:

  1. The temperature and time countdown display.
  2. Small and light, it’s less than 1kg.
  3. DC 12V with over-temperature protection and suitable for on-board power supply.
  4. Automatic fault detection with buzzer alarm.
  5. Temperature calibration function.
  6. Various blocks, easy cleaning and disinfection.
  7. Several programs can be opened and closed independently.


Type DBI-100V DBI-100V DBI-R100V
Parameter (Heating lid)
Temperature Range R.T.+5°C~100℃ -10°C~100°C
Heating Time(20°C to 100℃) ≤15m
Temperature Control ±0.3℃
Temperature Control ±0.3℃
Discrepancy @40°C
Temperature Control ±0.3℃
Temperature Display 0.1℃
Timing 0~99h,0~99m,0~99s
Max.Temperature 100℃
Power 48W 60w 120W
Cooling Time Natural Cooling 30min (R.T.
≤ 20℃ )
Net Weight(kg) 1kg ≤1.5kg
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 153x110x96 160×110×136
Cover or not Not YES Not

Optional blocks

Type Pictures Tube Diameter Capacity
M1 0.2mlCentrifuge Tube 32
M2 0.5ml Centrifuge Tube 24
M3 1.5mlCentrifuge Tube 15
M4 2.0ml Centrifuge Tube 15
M5 Cuvette 8×12.5×12.5ml
M6 15ml Centrifuge Tube 6
M7 50ml Centrifuge Tube 2
M8 5.0mlCentrifuge Tube 12


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