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Biological Safety Cabinet, Class II Type A2, BSC-IIA2 Series

  1. Type: Class II, Type A2
  2. Venting Mode: 30% Outward venting
  3. Available Width: 3ft., 4ft., 6ft.
  4. Cleanliness Class: ISO5 (Class 100)
  5. ULPA Filter technology used,over 99.9995% filtering ratio of 0.1-0.2um dust particle.

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1. Front window: anti-cracking toughened glass, clear optics perspective, no side effect while cleaning or sterilizing, thickness of glass ≥ 5mm;
2. Cabinet boby:four-faced and double layer structure,stainless steel 304(imported)used for all operating chambers and cathment grooves;lncorporated structure of the three sidewalls in operating area,leaving some space on the bottom for cleaning purpose,avoiding cross infection Maintenance of blower/motor and/or disassembly/ assembly/replacement of high efficiency filter could be done at the front part of safety cabinet.
3. Leakage-proof of cabinet body:apply air pressure 500pa to safety cabinet and the pressure shall not be less than 450Pa after 30 minutes.
4. Stability of cabinet body:apply 23kg load on center of work table,no bend shall occur.
5. Alarm system:the interlocking system will be started up,generating alarm in sound,light and voice form at the same time if the open height of front window of safety cabinet exceeds the setting value/flow speed fluctuation of downflow and/or inflow is 20% more than nominal value.
6. The perfection of high efficiency filter: missing rate ≤ 0.01% at any point for scannable detection filter missing rate ≤ 0.005%at detecting point for unscannable detection filter
7. Personal protection:colony amount ≤ 10CFU per time for impact type sampler;colony amount ≤ 5CFU per time for slit type sampler
8. Product protection:colony amount ≤ 5CFUper time;colony amount ≤ 2CFU per time.
9. Pioneered at home,high accuracy wind speed sensor of ultra micro differential pressure sensor and frequcncy conversion controlling technology adopted to automatically regulate speed of airflow,extending service life of filter scientifically.
10. ULPA Filter technology used,over 99.9995% filtering ratio of 0.1-0.2um dust particle.


Parameter/Model BSC-IIA2-3F BSC-IIA2-4F BSC-IIA2-5F BSC-IIA2-6F
Venting mode 30% Outward venting
Missing rate of high efficiency filter ≤ 0.005%
Wind speed Inflow average wind velocity: > 0.55m/s
Descending average wind velocity > 0.25~0.55m/s
Cleanliness class Class 100
Noise ≤ 62dB(A)
Half peak value of vibration ≤ 3μm(rms)
Illuminance ≥ 1000Lux
Display screens LCD+remote control
Power supply Single phase AC 220V/50Hz
Normal power waste 0.85kw
Max.power waste 1.85kw (Contains two spare sockets 1000w)
Weight 290Kg 305Kg 320Kg 326Kg
Dimensions in operation area 915×600×680mm 1220×600×680mm 1360×600×680mm 1800x600x680mm
External dimension of the device 1080×790×2150mm 1382×790×2150mm 1525×790×2150mm 1940x790x2150mm
Size and amount of air supply filter 910×500×35mm 1215×500×50mm 1355×500×50mm 1795x500x50mm
Size and amount of air exhaust filter 295×440×90mm 600×440×90mm 740×440×90mm 865x440x90mm
Norm and amount of fluorescent lamp/UV light 20w/20w 30w/30w 40w/40w 40w/40w
Suitable person number Single person per face Single person or two persons per face Two persons per face Multi-person and
single surface

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