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Defibrillator; DB-H360

  1. Asynchronous, external defibrillation
  2. Biphasic, current controlled defibrillation (CCD)
  3. Impedance range: 0-240Ω
  4. ECG Heart rate: 30-300 beats/minute

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Standard Configuration List

  1. PRIMEDIC™ HeartSaveHost
  2. PRIMEDIC™ lithium Battery
  3. SavePads stick-on electrodes (with leads)
  4. 2G Memory card
  5. Disposable medical gloves
  6. Mouth-to-mouth breathing membrane
  7. Disposable hair removal knife
  8. Computer reading software
  9. Manual


Model DB-H360
Defibrillation Mode of operation Asynchronous, external defibrillation
Pulse form Biphasic, current controlled defibrillation (CCD)
Output energy 140-360J (Automatically matches energy according to patient impedance);
Pulse length 11.25 ms for positive phase, 3.75 ms for negative phase;
Discharge A new fully charged battery can be discharged 56 times
The new lithium battery can be discharged 300 times
Charging time When the energy in the storage battery or battery reaches 90% of the rated capacity, the charging time is 13 s ± 2 s
ECG Lead  II
Heart rate 30-300 beats/minute
Input resistance >5MΩ@10Hz
Common mode rejection ratio >85dB
Impedance Measurement Impedance range 0-240Ω
Signal gain The monitor automatically performs ECG signal gain
Analysis time When the battery or accumulator has 90% rated power, it can identify ventricular fibrillation for up to 7 s.
Energy Supply Battery LiMnO2, 15V, 2.8Ah (0-20℃) Storage time is 6 years;
100 discharges of 360 joules, continuous monitoring for 20 hours
Data Storage Memory type CompactFlashCard (industrial grade), 2G
Others Operating conditions 0-55℃, 30-95% relative humidity, non-condensing, 500-1060hPa
Storage conditions -20-70℃, 20-95% relative humidity, non-condensing, 500-1060hPa
Dimensions 28x25x9cm (WxDxH)
Weight about 1.8kg (without battery)


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