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Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis Unit, DGGE-331A

  1. Glass plate size:200×200 mm
  2. Sample volume: (1.0mm)1、2、15、21、35wells
  3. Buffer Volume:10(L)
  4. Net weight:23(kg)

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Characteristic feature

  • With the gel making device of normal position,don’t should to moving the glass plate from the process of making gel to electrophoresis.
  • With the Gradient gel electric generator, the flow rate can be adjusted.
  • Built-in miniature buffer liquid circulating pump, a buffer solution temperature uniformity can be achieved ±5℃.
  • Side-open safety lid, easy to loading the sample, automaticallycut off the electric field when open the lid.
  • Type of Output: Constant-Voltage, Current or Power
  • Max output: 600V/500mA/300W.
  • With over-voltage, overload auto-detectionand alarm function.
  • Can simultaneously display all set parameters and output status.
  • Insulating fire-retardantmaterials, injection molding using the mold shell, advanced technology.
  • Store 10 most common electrophoresisways.
  • Timer Range: 1min~99hr, 59min
  • The temperature control probe with a safety sheath, protection of the probe does not damage.
  • With the buffer liquid height sensors,protection of the product does not damage because of the lack of buffer capacity.


Glass plate sizeW×L 200×200 mm
Gel SizeW×L 162×175 mm
Gel thickness 1.0mm
Gel amount 12pieces
Sample volume 1.0mm12152135wells
Buffer Volume 10L
DimensionL×W×H 458×230×285mm
Net weight 23kg

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