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Electric Operating Table (Six Function ), ORB-VI

  1. The table is raised and lowered
  2. the front of the table is tilted back
  3. the table is tilted left and right
  4. the back plate is turned
  5. the bed body is translated
  6. the bed body car is controlled by electric devices

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01. The table is raised and lowered, the front of the table is tilted back, the table is tilted left and right, the back plate is turned, the bed body is translated, and the bed body car is controlled by electric devices;

02. The turning of the head board and the turning of the leg board are controlled by gas springs;

03. The operating table is made of medical grade 304 stainless steel, and the surface is treated with special matt, which is more modern and easier to clean;

04. The table can be moved longitudinally, and can be used with C-arm for radiographic examination or filming;

05. The table top is made of high-strength and X-ray transparent composite material, (upgradable carbon fiber bed board), which can meet the needs of clinical filming in hospitals;

06. The mattress is made of slow rebound memory foam, which is comfortable and beautiful, and evenly shares the pressure of the load. It has corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, breathability, and easy cleaning;

07. The head and leg plates are detachable, and the leg plates can be manually rotated, abducted, and folded down for easy operation, which can better meet the needs of surgical positions and provide more flexible operating space for medical staff;

08. The hand-held manipulator provides smooth and precise operation, easy operation, safe and reliable, and can be equipped with a foot controller for more convenient operation;

09. High-strength stainless steel bottom cover, strong pressure resistance, anti-corrosion, and easy to clean;

10. The base of the operating table has the function of fixing or moving, with wheels at the bottom, which can move flexibly and be fixed reliably;

11. Built-in lumbar bridge on the table, providing convenience for gallbladder, kidney and other operations:

12. The operating table is equipped with a built-in battery to ensure the normal use of the equipment in the event of a power failure.


Model GEB
Operating table material 304 stainless steel
Table top material X-ray transparent composite material
Mattress material Slow rebound memory foam


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