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Electrophoresis Cell, Vertical Type, GEP-VH-4

  1. Electrophoresis tank (upper cover): one
  2. Electrophoresis tank (lower tank): one
  3. Main electrode core: one

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Use:This product is an ideal choice for research, screening new samples and evaluating sample preparation conditions.


The edge sealing gasket is permanently fixed on the long glass plate to ensure that the glass plate
Accurate alignment to prevent glue leakage; The rubber frame of the cam latch is easy to operate,
The glass plate can be accurately aligned on any plane; Special plastic electrophoresis
Comb will not inhibit gel polymerization. Built-in ridge can avoid air connection.
Contact to ensure uniform gel polymerization; Long glass plate with edge sealing gasket
Thickening makes the glass plate not easy to break; Parallel integrated glue filling
Rack, two gels can be observed simultaneously, SDS-PAGE electrophoresis time: 45
Minutes (200V constant voltage)
High-flexibility wire, open cover and power-off design to ensure safety;
The electrode can be replaced for easy maintenance;
99.99% high purity platinum electrode has the best conductivity and corrosion resistance.


Overall dimensions (L× W× D)  180 * 130 * 130
Number of gels  1-4 pieces
Gel size (L×W)  thick plate 101*83 thin plate 101*73mm
Gel area (L×W)  hand jar glue 8.3*7.3cm, prefabricated glue 8.6*6.8cm
Sample comb  10 teeth,
Gel thickness  0.75, 1.0 and 1.5mm thick (optional)
Total buffer capacity  about 1000ml;


name specifications quantity
Electrophoresis tank (upper cover) one
Electrophoresis tank (lower tank) one
Main electrode core one
Electrode auxiliary core one
Connecting system rubber seat (including gasket) two
Rubber frame four
Single rubber baffle one
Rubber shovel one
Thick glass plate 5 blocks
thin glass plate 5 blocks
glass frame one
Sample comb 10 teeth 5 ba
Electrophoretic wire 1 pay


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