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Electrophoresis Power Supply, GEP-PW-W3000

  1. Output Range:voltage 5-250V; current: 1-3000mA; 1-300W
  2. Output: constant voltage, constant current and constant power
  3. LCD Readable Voltage

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Output: constant voltage, constant current and constant power.
Automatic adjustment: Any one of constant voltage, constant current and constant power is set constant value, the rest are set automatically, which avoids the manual working and phenomenon of false-constant value.
Micro-current mode: micro-current mode is triggered automatically once the electrophoresis activity is finished, which avoids the diffusion of sample and idle work.
Protein function: Under constant 80V, protein electrophoresis is to run spacer gel for 30min, and then run separating gel under constant 120V. Automatic switching from spacer gel mode to separated gel mode, reducing the tedious manual reset.
Safety: Automatic monitor of over-voltage, voltaic arc, no load, sudden change of load, overload, and short circuit. Leakage protection, function of pause, alarming of open circuit
Others: LCD readable voltage, current, power, time set.4 -group parallel connection with multi- electrophoresis apparatus. Storage of 20 programms with each less than 10 steps.


Output range voltage 5-250V; current: 1-3000mA; 1-300W
Sensitive limit voltage 1V, current: 1mA, power: 1W
Time set 1min–99h59min
Dimension 300×240×100mm (L×W×H)


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