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Electrophoresis Tank, 2-dimensional, GEP-CTD3

ID Tube Gel Electrophoresis

  1. length of Glass tube: 120mm

2D Vertical Electrophoresis

  1. Gel thickness: 1.0(mm), 2.0(mm)
  2. Gel Amount: 1~2(pieces)
  3. Sample volume: (1.0mm)21、29wells;(2.0mm)21、29wells
  4. Buffer Volume ~2500(ml)

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• There is no need for a dedicated high-current electrophoresis instrument, just a conventional electrophoresis instrument;

• Separate the first direction from the second direction, and both can become independent electrophoresis tanks;

• Avoid the shortcomings of the old two-dimensional electrophoresis tank interchangeable rubber plugs;

• The cooling circulating water can be directly introduced to ensure the heat dissipation effect;

• Equipped with a special glue maker to make glue making easy and reliable;

• Automatically cut off the electrophoresis electric field when opening the lid to ensure safe operation.


ID Tube Gel Electrophoresis:

Model  GEP-CTD3
length of Glass tube  120mm
Gel diameter  1.0, 2.0(mm)


2D Vertical Electrophoresis

Model  GEP-CTD3
Gel size(W*L)  143*139mm
Gel thickness   1.0(mm), 2.0(mm)
Gel Amount  1~2(pieces)
Sample volume  (1.0mm)21、29wells;(2.0mm)21、29wells
Buffer Volume  ~2500(ml)
Volume(L*W*H)  460*230*400(mm)
Weight  13.2kg

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