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Electrophoresis Tank, Vertical High Throughput, GEP-ECHV-A

  • Glass area (W*L): 338*110 (mm)
  • Gel area (W*L): 306*95 (mm)
  • with 102-tooth sample comb at most
  • 204 samples can be tested at the same time

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Vertical high throughput electrophoresis tank Equipped with 102-tooth sample comb at most, and 204 samples can be tested at the same time.

  1. Specially designed for seed purity detection, no fringe electric field interference, ensuring clear and straight electrophoresis bands; 
  2. Safe lid opening button design to facilitate the opening of the upper lid;
  3. The detachable electrode holder makes the maintenance and replacement of the electrode more convenient, fast and safe;
  4. Open the cover and cut off the structure and safety wires, making the operation safer;
  5. Used in conjunction with the new generation GEP-PW3C, it can run 4 to 6 high-throughput electrophoresis experiments at the same time.


    Product Usage

    It is suitable for seed detection, biological research, separation, purification and preparation of nucleic acid and protein samples. Analytical protein electrophoresis satisfies purity identification and analysis of complex protein samples. It is also suitable for nucleic acid electrophoresis.


Glass area (W*L)  338*110 (mm)
Gel area (W*L)  306*95 (mm)
Gel thickness  1.0 (mm); 1.5 (mm) (optional)
Number of gels  1~2 (pieces)
Sample throughput  (1.0mm thick) 68, 102 teeth; (1.5mm thick) 68, 102 teeth (optional)
Buffer volume  ~3500 (ml)
Dimensions (L*W*H)  400*130*135 (mm)
Net weight  5.6 (kg)

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