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Fast Semi-dry Blot System, GEP-T-FBLOT

  • Blot throughout:4 mini gels or 2 midi pcs of gels
  • Blot speed:Blotting 2 mini gels within 3 minutes
  • Blot speed:Blotting 4 mini gels or 2 midi gels within 7 minutes
  • Buckle locking mode with plate electrode design

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Being compatible with traditional lab reagent and consumable.


Unique high-efficiency heat dissipation channel design: release the heat during operation to ensure the reliability of the lab in the low temperature.

Easy operation: optional ready-to-use blot consumable package, no need to prepare buffer and membrane;

Customer interface:5-inch capacitive touch screen, sensitive touching screen, convenient operation. Automatic programme running; The preset programme guides the lab design and modifies the programme manually on the basic of the needs (9 groups of data are available for recorded automatic storage and customer-decisive storage).

Electrode Design: Buckle locking mode with plate electrode design ensure uniformity of pressure and field strength.


Working condition Temperature: 5℃~40℃;

Relative moisture: 20%~80%

Blot throughout l 4 mini gels or 2 midi pcs. of gels;

l 2 blot cassettes, one of the two cassettes can be used for operation or two cassettes can be used respectively in the right orders.

l Two independent blot programme can be used at the same time.

l The blot area is 15.5*11*2 cm

Blot speed Blotting 2 mini gels within 3 minutes, blotting 4 mini gels or 2 midi gels within 7 minutes
Electricity Built-in integrated power supply, voltage 0-30V (1V adjustable) current (0-3A) (0.1 adjustable).
Dimension 290*220*200mm
Weight 3.9kg
Configuration 1 set of Blot system (including built-in power supply and 2 pieces of blot cassettes)


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