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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, FPO-250

  1. Display method:TFT
  2. Hemoglobin saturation display:35-100%,±2%
  3. Pulse rate display:30-250BPM,±3BPM

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The fingertip pulse oximeter installs two AAA batteries into battery cassette in correct polarities and cover it. Pinch open the oximeter clip,put one finger into rubber hole of the oximeter (it’s best to put the finger thoroughly),then loosen the clip and press the power button.

1. Fast and Accurate Infrared Measurement
Collecting blood oxygen signal by using Photoelectric sensing principle,fast and accurate measurement.
2. Four Directions Display,More Clearer Reading
Humanized detail design, can make accurate reading with different gestures and different directions.
3. Silicone Finger Mould, More Comfortable to Wear.
Combined the Softness of silicone and physical engineering,one-click finger mould,more accurate measurement.
4. Automatic Shut-down, More Energy-efficient Use
Detect finger position automatically. Automatic shut-down without finger in 8 seconds. Energy saving,long-term standby.


Model FPO-250
Display method TFT
Hemoglobin saturation display 35-100%,±2%
Pulse rate display 30-250BPM,±3BPM
Power consumption Less than 30mA
Dimension(L*W*D) 63.7*35*36.5mm
Weight 38g
Packing 200/box
Packing dimensions(L*W*D) 425*270*300mm
Packing weight 10.6Kg


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