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Full Automatic Immunohistochemistry Stainer / IHC Stainer, IHCS-A30

  1. Full Automatic System
  2. Application: IHC Single Staining/CISH (EBER)
  3. Run Time: 3~4 hours/user defined
  4. Throughput: 30 slides loaded at the same time
  5. Capacity of Reagent Tube: 7ml and 30 ml
  6. Sustained Loading

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Full Automatic Immunohistochemistry Stainer / IHC stainer

1.Full Automatic System

A full flow automatic system of IHC includes the experiment protocol of slice drying, deparaffination, antigen retrieval, peroxidase block, primary antibody, second antibody, DAB chromogen and counterstain with hematoxylin. To extremely improve the level of laboratory standardization and work efficiency.

2.Higher Throughput

Three independent slide frames; each containing ten slides; continuous loading.


Innovative patented technology; high stain efficiency; to achieve high clarity and sensitivity of stain result.

4.Simply Operation

Optimize the operation process, quickly loading the slider frame, and adding large-capacity reagent at any time during the experiment process.


The reagent is added as low as 80UL to reduce reagent consumption


To monitor instrument and the slides frame status in real-time, Intelligent automatic operation.


The QR code and photo information on slide frames can be recorded.

8.Unique Dynamic Mixing DMT

With unique dynamic mixing DMT patent technology, the liquid cover film is repeatedly dragged back and forth. Squeezing the reagent down makes the reagent coverage more even, which greatly improves the staining quality.

9.Dynamic Cleaning DST

Unique DST dynamic cleaning technology; cleaning more thoroughly; background cleaner; staining clearer


  Model IHCS-A30
Automation Full (bake slice/dewaxing/counterstaining)
Clinical Application IHC Single Staining/CISH (EBER)
Throughput 30 slides
Run Time(full slide load) 3~4 hours//user defined
Sample Reagent Volume 80ul~150ul
Capacity of Reagent Tube 7ml and 30 ml
Reagent Area 36 Bottles
Larger Capacity of Reagent Bottle 2.5 L
Capacity Volume of High and Low Concentration of Waste Liquid 2.5L/18L
Maximum/ Minimum Temperature 35℃(95 F)/ 5℃(41 F)
Electricity 1200 VA
Sustained Loading Yes
Language Enabled English
LIS Port Yes
Weight 225KG
Dimensions 96cm (Length) *78cm (Width) *100cm (Height)
Working Voltage& Hz AC110V/60Hz  and  AC220V / 50Hz


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