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Fully-Automatic Gel Imaging System, GEP-GH-8500

  1. CCD resolution: 5 million; Pixel density:16bit
  2. Frame rate: 30
  3. Image resolution: horizontal, vertical: 600DPI
  4. Pixel binning:1×1, 2×2, 4×4
  5. Exposure time: 1ms-120min

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Instrument characteristics:

  1. The integrated circuit is fully sealed and modularized to enhance stability;
  2. Professional gel shooting and analysis software, easy to operate;
  3. The high-definition preview window of the software allows you to observe real-time experimental results, which is convenient;
  4. Corrosion-resistant metal dark box, anti-static and anti-interference, increase safety;
  5. With ultraviolet micro-distance induction-type intelligent power-off protection function, which makes the operation of the machine is safer
  6. Push-pull drawer opening method is adopted, and the dark box has strong tightness, minimizing the pollution area to the maximum extent

Software function:

  1. Humanized Chinese operation interface for shooting
  2. The software has encryption function to increase the security of experimental data.
  3. We can directly control digital CCD and zoom lens, exposure time, aperture, focus, image optical zoom in or zoom out, speed, etc. are all adjustable; ECL shooting can be done in ECL mode, and timing or continuous shooting can be performed.
  4. With image editing and processing functions: including image editing, deletion, pasting, copying, adding text, symbols, rotation, film effects, black and white inversion, etc.
  5. It can be stained with a variety of gel dyes such as EB; it can automatically identify the band patterns or lanes of DNA, RNA, protein gels, ELISA, TLC, dot hybridization and other images, and autoradiography film imaging and analysis. It can also perform colony imaging and analysis, and automatically determine molecular weight, IOD value, optical density value, etc.
  6. It has real-time automatic exposure function to assist in obtaining the best image effect.
  7. Various data sheets can be saved in Excel format and printed; All images can be copied, pasted and printed; All images and charts can be imported into Excel, Word and other files in various formats for editing; the software is free for life-long network upgrades.


Technical parameters
CCD resolution 5 million; Pixel density 16bit
Frame rate 30
Image resolution  horizontal, vertical 600DPI
Pixel binning 1*1, 2*2, 4*4
Interface  USB3.0
Exposure time  1ms-120min
Integral shooting  Long-term exposure of samples can be performed, image overlay processing can be carried out, and weak nucleic acid fluorescent bands can be better presented.
Lens  Imported 6x optical zoom, motorized three-variable large-diameter high-pass lens head (all parameters of the lens can be displayed simultaneously in the software), F1.2
Drawer-type UV transmission table  UV302nm, standard 22*22cm, equipped with professional gel cutting protective cover, which can realize safe and fast gel cutting
White light transmission plate  built-in white light transmission plate, 21*31*0.7cm, adopts optical fiber luminescence technology, uniform light density, and safety voltage of 12V
White light reflector  double-sided high-brightness LED integrated light source, which has low power consumption and long service life
Filter  590nm gel special imported coating filter
Door opening method  wide open the door, push-pull drawer, the dark box is tightly sealed, and minimize the pollution area
Software  professional gel shooting analysis software
Detection sensitivity  20pgEB stained double-stranded DNA

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