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Fume Hood, FMH-A Series

  1. All Steel Fume Hood
  2. Airflow velocity: 0.3~0.8m/s
  3. Exhaust volume: 590 m³/h
  4. Applicable number of people: 1—2

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  1. The shell of the fume hood is made of 1.0mm galvanized sheet, which is pickled and phosphated, and electrostatically sprayed, with good finish and corrosion resistance.
  2. The fume hood operation area adopts 6mm thick anti-fold special board, which has high acid and alkali resistance; the table top adopts 12.7mm thick solid core psychological board, the edge is thickened to 25.4mm, and waterproof treatment.
  3. The front window of the fume hood is a manual window, which can be stopped at any height within the stroke range.
  4. The front window glass of the fume hood is tempered glass with a thickness of 5mm.
  5. The fume hood control panel adopts tact switch, which integrates the fume hood power key, fan key, fan speed control key and fluorescent lamp key;At the same time, it is equipped with an LED three-digit digital display screen to display the fan gear position, which makes the machine beautiful in appearance and easy to operate.
  6. The electric control system of the fume hood has the functions of preventing overload and preventing electric shock, with stable performance and long service life.
  7. The fume hood socket adopts laboratory-specific safety products, with a transparent splash-proof cover, which is beautiful and durable.
  8. The fume hood is equipped with a base cabinet. The base cabinet is made of 1.0mm galvanized sheet, pickled and phosphated, and electrostatically sprayed, with good finish and corrosion resistance; laboratory supplies can be placed in the super large space;The bottom cabinet is matched with the upper cabinet to make the fume hood more beautiful and practical.
  9. The fume hood has a built-in axial flow fan, with large air volume and low noise, which is convenient for customers to install.


Model FMH-A1000 FMH-A1200 FMH-A1500 FMH-A1800
Dimensions (W*D*H) 1000*850*2350 1200*850*2350 1500*850*2350 1800*850*2350
Height of worktop to floor 850mm
Airflow velocity 0.3~0.8m/s
Exhaust volume 590 m³/h
Rated power 400 W [excluding the power of the cabinet socket load (the load cannot exceed 500W)]
Sound emission ≤65dB(A)
Height of front window glass opening 520mm
LED lamp 8W
Fan 110W, 50HZ, 220V
Applicable number of people 1—2
Weight 165Kg 185Kg 205Kg 225Kg


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