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Gel Documentation Imaging System, GEP-GD3D

  1. Effective pixels: 2048*1536
  2. Resolution:3 million pixels
  3. UV light transmission area(W*L): 250*200(mm)
  4. Visible light transmittance area(W*L): 250*210(mm)
  5. Sensitivity:can detect double-stranded DNA stained with less than 20pgEB
  6. Camera:Imported low-light high-resolution digital CCD

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Performance characteristics

  • Equipped with imported low-illumination high-resolution digital CCD, easy to capture weak bands, real-time browsing, full-screen display, easy to operate;
  • Equipped with imported 6x zoom lens for easy zoom observation of the gel;
  • Gel placement center indicator light to facilitate the placement of the gel in the center;
  • Intelligent control camera:

The control functions of zoom, focus, aperture, ultraviolet lamp and white light lamp can be realized through the panel;

It has the function of opening the door to automatically cut off ultraviolet rays, and a forced ultraviolet switch for cutting rubber;

With automatic delay shut-off function of UV lamp;

With the drive protection function of the electric zoom lens, RS232 interface or USB interface;

Drawer type movable rubber table (with special rubber cutting cover), easy to observe, operate and cut rubber;

  • Equipped with ultra-thin (transmission) scale screen conversion plate and (reflective) white light source;
  • Adopt a multi-layer coating filter group, effectively filter out background noise;
  • The control functions of zoom, focus, aperture, ultraviolet lamp and white light lamp can be realized through the computer;
  • The system is composed of standardized and reliable modular parts, which are easy to repair or replace parts;
  • Optional brand computer and printer.

Product Usage

GD series gel imaging analysis system is suitable for the observation, shooting and analysis of gel bands after electrophoresis. With the help of high-resolution CCD and zoom lens, the weak electrophoretic bands that are difficult to be recognized by the naked eye are obtained, and the special filter group is used to effectively filter out the background interference noise, while maximizing the control of ethidium bromide (EB) pollution and ultraviolet rays Leakage, to realize the simple and convenient screen magnification display, save, mark or edit the electrophoresis results, organize the experiment report, print, and transmit online, etc., get rid of the cumbersome operation process of the experimenter, and achieve the incomparable effect of ordinary ultraviolet analyzer or film observation box .


Effective pixels 2048*1536
Pixel density 10bit
Pixel size 5.4*5.4(um)
Resolution 3 million pixels
Signal to noise ratio ≥56db
Sensitivity can detect double-stranded DNA stained with less than 20pgEB
Camera Imported low-light high-resolution digital CCD
Zoom lens F=1:1.22/3 inch 6 times zoom lens
Filter 590(nm)
UV light transmission area(W*L) 250*200(mm)
Visible light transmittance area(W*L) 250*210(mm)
Transmission UV wavelength 302(nm)
Reflectance UV wavelength 254, 365(nm)
Transmission UV lamp power 302nm(8W)
Reflectance UV lamp power 254nm(11W), 365nm(11W)
VolumeL*W*H 470*405*820(mm)
Weight 29.0kg


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