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Gel Documentation Imaging System, GEP-GDCL

  1. Camera:high-resolution low-light cooling CCD (SONY ICX 285 imported CCD chip)
  2. Cooling method:semiconductor refrigeration
  3. Cooling temperature:-45℃
  4. Effective pixels:1360*1024
  5. Pixel density:16bit

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Performance characteristics


  • Small size and light weight, saving laboratory space to a large extent;
  • Real-time observation of chemiluminescence images via computer;
  • The user can control whether the CCD is cooled or not, and the automatic delay protection function;
  • Shooting functionswith multiple modes:

Single frame mode;

Multi-frame mode;

Automatic mode

  • With the function of exposure evaluation;
  • The best picturescreening function;
  • The subject is less than 20cm away from the lens;
  • Optional brand computer and printer


Camera high-resolution low-light cooling CCD (SONY ICX 285 imported CCD chip)
Cooling method semiconductor refrigeration
Cooling temperature -45
Effective pixels 1360*1024
Pixel density 16bit
Pixel size 6.45*6.45(μm)
Pixel binning 1*1, 2*2, 3*3, 4*4
Resolution 1.4 million pixels
Dynamic range > 4 orders of magnitude
Motorized lens F/0.95, large-diameter and high-transparent motorized lens
Lighting mode reflected white light
Excitation light source LED reflective white light
Shooting area 180*180 (mm)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 405*295*400 (mm)
Net weight 14.5KG

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