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Gel Documentation Imaging System, GEP-GDMF

  • Auto exposure function
  •  Integral shooting
  • One-click shooting

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This product contains a database of commonly used fluorescent dyes. Click the dye directly to automatically shoot. The maximum simultaneous shooting of 5 channel samples is supported. Fluorescent imaging shooting automatically generates black-and-white, color samples, marker and color combined images


  • Auto exposure function

Accurate estimation of sample time, without manual estimation of exposure time, and can control integral shooting.

  • The software has a one-click shooting function

Automatically superimpose marker images and chemiluminescence images without manual merging.

  • Integral shooting

Any number of samples can be taken continuously at intervals, and the automatic exposure time is automatically entered into the time box. Set the number of time sheets more accurately.

  • Photographing software

Including batch import pictures, batch export, batch deletion and other functions. When exporting, the U disk is automatically recognized and saved.

  • Analysis software

Personnel authority management, audit tracking, PDF report output, including digital signature.

  • Automatic analysis

One click automatic analysis results without manual identification of lane strips.

  • Analysis software

Automatic band detection, automatic molecular weight measurement, automatic band concentration measurement, relative content percentage analysis, absolute concentration and density calculation can be performed on the results. With annotation function, you can add text notes or symbols in various formats. Data report output and other functions.


Camera Scientific-grade high-resolution low-light CCD cooled camera
Cooling temperature Lower than the ambient temperature of 65 ℃, dynamic real-time display of CCD cooling temperature
Photosensitive efficiency QE>75%
Effective physical pixels 6.05 million pixels, photosensitive chip Sony ICX695, imported
Image density 16 bit (0 – 65535 colors)
Pixel dimensions 4.54μm*4.54μm
Pixel binning 1*1, 2*2, 3*3, 4*4, 8*8
Dynamic range ≥4.8 orders of magnitude
Motorized lens F/0.95/25mm, can automatically adjust the focus by computer, and with calibration auto focus function
ECL sample plate Double-level gears, auto-focus the lens according to the gears.

Shooting area≥20*16cm

UV sample stage Wave band:302+365nm,

area: 21*21cm ;

optional 25*26cm

White light transmission plate White light conversion board area 21*25cm
LED reflects white light Double-sided reflection
Light source Standard: red, green and blue (RGB) LED light source.

Optional: Laser light source: red light (650nm), green light (532nm), blue light (473nm). The irradiation area is not less than 15*15cm.

The light intensity fluctuation from the center light source to the edge is ± 0.01mw.

Filter wheel Standard automatic 5-position filter wheel, optional 7-position
Filter Standard 590nm, 699nm, 535nm, 605nm filters, other optional


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