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Gel Documentation Imaging System, GEP-GD3C

  1. Effective pixels: 1280×1024
  2. UV light transmission area(W*L): 250*200(mm)
  3. Visible light transmittance area(W*L): 250*210(mm)
  4. Intelligent control box

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Characteristic feature

  • CCD with lower lux and high-resolution, easy to get dim stripes and real-time browse, whole-screen display and simple to operate:
  • Six time zoom lens and simple to enlarge and shrink gel photos.
  • The center position indicator, which can ensure the gel is placed in the center position.
  • Intelligent control box
  • You can realize thecontrol of the zoom, focus, aperture, UV light and white light through panel key.
  • Safety function for your eyes that automatically shuts down the UV light when the door is opened and reactivates the UVlight when the door is shut.
  • Timed shut down: The UV light protection systemautomatically shuts down the lights after 15 minutes to maximize the life of lamp and vitreous.
  • The zoom lensis protected with RS232 interface.
  • Drawer-style gel platform, convenient to observe, operate, and cutting gel.
  • Transferring plate changes UV-lightinto white-light.
  • Using a multi-layer gel-filter effectively filters background noise.
  • You can realize the control of the zoom, focus, aperture, UV light and white light through computer mouse.
  • Regular and reliable system convenient to maintain and exchange parts.


Effective pixels 1280*1024
Pixel density 10 bit
Pixel size 5.4*5.4(um)
Resolution 1.4 megapixels
Signal to noise ratio ≥56db
Sensitivity Can detect the double chain DNA of EB staining below 20pg.
Camera low illumination and high resolution digital CCD
Zoom lens F=1:1.22/3 inch 6 times zoom lens
Filter 590(nm)
UV light transmission area(W*L) 250*200(mm)
Visible light transmittance area(W*L) 250*210(mm)
Transmission UV wavelength 302(nm)
Reflectance UV wavelength 254, 365(nm)
Transmission UV lamp power 302nm(8W)
Reflectance UV lamp power 254nm(11W), 365nm(11W)
VolumeL*W*H 470*405*820(mm)
Weight 29.0kg

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