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Frozen dynamometer, GLST-4

  • Test range: 5-1000Bloomg
  • Test precision: ±0.3%
  • Resolution :  1g
  • Repeated measurement error: ±1 Bloomg
  • Probe stroke : 1-100mm

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System composition:

◎ GLST-4 freezing force meter host

◎ Precision constant temperature monitoring cold water tank

◎ High-efficiency refrigerator

Host machine of Frozen dynamometer

Applicable standards:

◆National Standard: Food Additive Gelatin GB6783-2013

◆National standard: Medicinal Gelatin Hard Capsule GB13731

◆Industry standard: Medicinal Gelatin QB2354-2005

◆Industry standard: Industrial Gelatin QB/T1995

◆Industry standard: Bone Glue QB/1996

◆ Edible Gelatin QB/T4087-2010

◆Comply with current Chinese GMP regulations

◆Meet the requirements of the 2020 edition of the Pharmacopoeia on the measurement time limit


Host Machine Features:

◎Using a high-definition LCD liquid crystal display, users can enjoy intelligent operation according to the prompts on the screen. Chinese character prompts and quantitative indicators are given during each operation.

◎Powerful data processing capabilities, can automatically submit the average, final value or peak value of the tested glue sample for you.

◎Powerful data query ability, can automatically store the test values ​​of 50 units, and each unit can store 50 data.

◎Provide four sampling measurement modes: single step, hold, loop, and automatic, making your operation more convenient.

◎Automatic measurement mode can help you obtain the freezing intensity value faster, more accurately, and closer to the actual situation.

◎Set the sampling speed freely; 0.1mm/s-5mm/s. Select high-speed measurement, without the probe pressing into the rubber surface depth error.

◎Sampling depth can be preset arbitrarily (1mm—-75mm).

◎The instrument provides two kinds of sampling results, with different test combinations of sampling speed and sampling mode, it can submit the final value or peak value for the user.

◎Professional high-precision pressure sensor.

◎Professional high-precision pressure sensor.

◎One-key lifting of the test platform, saving test time and improving test accuracy.

◎High-precision mechanical transmission and equipped with 4-level anti-vibration design.

◎Users can verify the measurement accuracy of the instrument itself. (Use standard weights)

◎Automatically correct nonlinear errors, automatic fault diagnosis and alarm, automatic over-range protection, automatic error correction prompt.

◎Two-level authority management, password login.

◎Embedded micro printer, standard serial printing thermal needle is optional.

◎The USB output interface can be selected for convenient storage of experimental data.


Main features:

  • The constant temperature water tank and the refrigerator form a precise constant temperature cold water bath system.
  • A magnetic water pump circulating water flow uniform heating system is adopted, and the temperature of the water bath is uniform.
  • High-precision temperature sensor with small linear error and high temperature measurement accuracy.
  • Fully automatic frequency conversion control technology, intelligent temperature control, high temperature control accuracy.
  • The refrigerator adopts high-reliability and high-power new compressor for refrigeration, with fast refrigeration speed and low noise.
  • The temperature can be preset at will; the preset value and real-time value can be displayed in time-sharing.
  • Automation, automatic detection, automatic diagnosis, automatic alarm.
  • The inner tank of the constant temperature water tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, with a wide temperature control range and a beautiful appearance.


 Technical parameter:

◇The computer dynamically monitors the depth error of the probe pressed into the rubber surface

◇Intelligent LCD display

Test range  5-1000Bloomg (2000Bloomg optional)
Test accuracy  ±0.3%
Resolution  0.1g
Repeat measurement error  ±1 Bloomg
Probe stroke  1-100mm
Displacement setting range  1-75mm
Stroke error  ≤±0.1mm
High-speed measurement stroke error  ≤±0.1mm
Measurement value  in Bioom g unit
Measurement cylinder diameter  12.700±0.010mm
Standard freezing bottle  Capacity=150ml Inner diameter=59mm Height=85mm
Power of the whole machine  60W
Dimensions  260mm*260mm*450mm(L×W×D)

Constant temperature water tank and refrigerator

Technical Parameter:

Water bath temperature control range  5~65.0℃
Water bath temperature control accuracy  ±0.1℃
Refrigeration time  30℃→10℃<40min
Power source  220V/50Hz/1200W
Dimension Precision constant temperature monitoring cold water tank 58×44×22cm
High-efficiency refrigerator48×38×29cm



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