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Glucometer, MFA-1

  1. Test results: fast, accurate and stable
  2. The proportion of red blood cells: 30%-55%
  3. Detection method: Glucose oxidase assay
  4. Test result memory times: memory ≧180 times
  5. Blood sample volume: 1 microliter (less quantity)
  6. Voice broadcast of the whole process

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Glucometer, Uric Acid Test Strip, Cholesterol Test Strip

                      3 in 1 Multifunction Analyzer


Model MFA-1
Test results fast, accurate and stable
Display mode mmol/L or mg/dl display or  test time display
Power supply DC 3V / 2 AAA alkaline batteries
The proportion of red blood cells 30%-55%
Storage and transportation environment Temperature: -22~ -55 degrees Celsius Humidity≦85%RH
Dimensions 80 (length) * 59 (width) * 24 (height) mm
Service life 5 years (excluding battery)
Detection method Glucose oxidase assay
Test result memory times memory ≧180 times
Overall weight 44.2g (excluding battery)
Blood sample volume 1 microliter (less quantity)
Standard equipment + 25 uric acid test strips, + 50 blood glucose test strips, + 10 cholesterol
Optional test strips uric acid, blood sugar and cholesterol

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