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Handheld Raman Spectrometer, RMS Series

  • Take pictures for evidence
  • Powerful network and data transmission functions
  • Rich report and wireless printing function

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This product is suitable for public safety (rapid detection of dangerous chemicals and drugs), drug quality and safety, identification of counterfeit and shoddy materials, identification and identification of raw and auxiliary materials, and identification of the origin of agricultural products.


  1. Simple to use: Optimized operation process and friendly interface design, you can learn to use within half an hour without professional knowledge background.
  2. Smart and reliable: Advanced spectral processing and analysis methods, the smallest interference can not escape the comparison test with the established method.
  3. Take pictures for evidence: It has the function of taking pictures, which can take pictures of the tested samples and store them for subsequent inquiries.
  4. Powerful network and data transmission functions: Support USB and Wi-Fi data transmission, GPS positioning, manual and automatic upgrade of spectral library in wireless environment.
  5. Rich report and wireless printing function: The instrument directly realizes the wireless printing of test reports, and customizes the report format with pictures and texts (including test data QR codes, sample photos, and spectra).


Model RMS-1 RMS-2 RMS-3
Detection Inspection of raw and auxiliary materials Hazardous chemical testing Drug testing
Spectral range 170~3200cm-1
Spectral resolution ~7.5~10.5cm-1
Laser wavelength 785nm±0.5nm,Line width 2cm-1
Laser power 0~500mW multi-level adjustable
Sampling time 1ms-20s auto exposure
Weight <720g
Dimension 165*86*35mm
Operating temperature -20℃~40℃
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery, working time > 5 hours
Electricity 120~240V AC, 1.5A
Camera 13MP HD camera
Network function Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G
Upgrade Manual and automatic spectral library upgrades in wireless environments
Display 5″ HD display
Human-computer interaction Multi-touch screen, English input and output
Test report System integrated report function, support wireless printing
Data format SPC、TXT、PDF
Three-proof standard IP65
Product specification 21CFR Part11, FDA1040, cGMP
Package dimensions 450*400*200mm
Package weight 3.5kg


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