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HER2 Gene Amplification Kit (FISH)

  • 10 tests/kit, 20 tests/kit
  • 1/3/6 ml
  • Source:  Mouse
  • Localization: Nucleus

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This kit is only used for the detection of HER2 gene amplification in specific tumor patients, and the test results are for clinical reference only. The interpretation of any positive or negative results should be carried out by the pathologist in combination with pathomorphology, clinical signs and other detection methods, rather than a separate diagnostic indicator.

1. Intensity of fluorescence signal
After hybridization of the probe with peripheral blood cultured lymphocytes and breast/cancer tissue sections, fluorescence signals should be generated, and recognized by the naked eye under the fluorescence microscope.
2. Sensitivity
Choose 20 Tissue samples of invasive breast cancer/gastric cancer and 20 adjacent normal or benign tissue samples. Each sample is analyzed randomly. At least 20 cells should be detected in each sample, with 98% of the cells showing fluorescence signal both of HER2 locus marker and CEP17 locus marker.
3. Specificity
The peripheral blood lymphocytes of metaphase phase were used for smear analysis. Choose At least 5 smear samples of peripheral blood culture cells from healthy people, and 100 chromosomes 17 of 50 cells in metaphase phase were analyzed in each sample. At least 98 chromosomes showed their specific fluorescence signals in the centromere region (17p11.1-q11.1) and HER2 gene locus region (17q11.2-q12), respectively.


10 tests/kit, 20 tests/kit.

The kit is mainly composed of HER2/CEP17 probe and DAPI counterstain solution.
The reagent does not contain but necessary for the test: FISH Sample Pretreatment Kit.
Other reagents not provided: HER2 positive contrast photo; Xylene; Ethanol (anhydrous, 85%, 70%);Purified water; Sealing gum.


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