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Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell, GEP-HH-SUB03

  1. Gel area (W*L): 13*20cm, 13*15cm
  2. Sample adding comb: 1.0mm 14, 18 and 26 teeth; 1.5mm 18 teeth
  3. Buffer volume: 800mL

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GEP-HH-SUB03 horizontal electrophoresis tank

This product is suitable for nucleic acid electrophoresis to separate and identify DNA and determine its molecular weight.
Polycarbonate high strength transparent plastic injection molding, no leakage and impact resistance.
Professional blue light shielding clamshell design, opening the lid can effectively dissipate heat.
Combined with the blue electrophoresis monitor, it can effectively shield the blue light and observe the clear spectral band.
The horizontal adjustment knob at the bottom can adjust the level of the electrophoresis tank.
Two different gel sizes meet the requirements of common and high-throughput electrophoresis.
The front and back design of the plastic box saves space.
The background bar at the bottom of the tray is more convenient to observe the loading.
99.99% high purity platinum electrode has the best conductivity.


Gel area (W*L) 13*20cm, 13*15cm
Sample adding comb 1.0mm 14, 18 and 26 teeth
1.5mm18 teeth
Buffer volume 800mL


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