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Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, 8-Channel Type, HPS-M120-8

  1. The Max.Length of Stirrers: 46mm
  2. TemperatureR.T.: +5~120℃
  3. The max. temperature: 140℃
  4. Speed: 200-1200 rpm

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HPS-M120-8 is a stirrer designed for high efficiency experiments. It adopts DC brushless motor and microcomputer control technology to effectively reduce the speed noise. Stainless steel silicone coated film surface, non-slip and corrosion resistant.

Product Features:

  1. LCD display, beautiful appearance;
  2. BLDC motor
  3. The max. temperature is 120℃ ;
  4. 8 positions, make full use of experimental instruments;
  5. The stirrer is operated synchronously to provide the same reaction conditions as the sample;
  6. Effectively reduce the speed noise.


Type HPS-M120-8
Voltage AC100~120V/AC200~240V 50~60Hz
Position 8
Capacity 8x400ml
The Max.Length of Stirrers 46mm
Temperature R.T.+5~120℃
The max. temperature 140℃
Speed 200-1200 rpm
Motor BLDC Motor
Plate material Stainless steel with silicone film
Screen LCD
Power 400w
Dimension(mm)(W×D×H) 205x480x50mm


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