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Ki-67 Antibody Reagent (Immunohistochemical)

  • 0.1-10 mL/Vial
  • Source: Mouse
  • Localization: Nucleus
  • Pretreatment: Thermal remediation
  • Applicable tissue: Paraffin section

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This reagent is used for immunohistochemical staining based on routine staining to provide auxiliary information for physicians in diagnosis.
This reagent was used for the qualitative determination of Ki-67 antigen in 10% neutral buffered formalin fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section cells. This antibody reagent can be expressed on all human proliferating cells in the Ki-67 nuclear antigen reaction, it can recognize cells except G0 phase, for the determination of cell proliferation activity. High proliferative activity of tumor cells indicates poor prognosis. It is a marker that helps to determine the growth status of benign and malignant tissues.

  1. Consistency

Performed Ki-67 positive control and negative control according to the operation method in the product instructions, and the cell nucleus were accurately located. The positive results showed yellow or brown staining, with no background coloring. The negative and blank controls of Ki-67 showed no coloring.

  1. In-batch repeatability

Three Ki-67 positive sections from the same tissue source were taken and immunohistochemical test was conducted with reagent of same batch. The positive results showed that yellow or brown-yellow staining on the cell nucleus, and the location of positive staining should be accurate without background staining. There was no significant difference in staining intensity and location of tissue slices.

  1. Inter-batch repeatability

Three Ki-67 positive slices from the same tissue source were taken, and immunohistochemical tests were conducted with three different batches of reagents respectively. The test results showed that there was no significant difference in staining intensity and location of tissue slices from the same tissue source with different batches of reagents.


0.1mL/ Vial, 0.2mL/ Vial, 0.5mL/ Vial, 1mL/ Vial, 2mL/ Vial, 3mL/ Vial, 6mL/ Vial, 7mL/ Vial, 10mL/ Vial.

Main Component

Mouse anti-human Ki-67 immunohistochemical monoclonal antibody (source: cell culture supernatant).

Components not included in the reagent but necessary for the test:

Micro StackerTM Polymer Staining Kit; Antigen retrieval buffer Ⅱ; Washing solution: diluted from concentrated washing solution (10x);

Blank control reagent: antibody dilution.

Other reagents not provided:

Ki-67 positive contrast slide(breast cancer); Washing solution; Xylene; Ethanol (anhydrous, 95%, 85%, 70%); Purified water; Neutral balata.


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