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Lab Scale Spray Dryer

  1. High efficient jet imported
  2. Two-flow spray atomizing structure
  3. 316 stainless steel
  4. LCD touch screen
  5. Power off thermal-protection
  6. Use PID controller

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This type is popular in field of Food, biology, material, pharm acy enterprise or university, R&D institute.
Especially some non-heat material, that can be sprayed to power wonderfully, because material touch heat air in a little time, and high temperature don’t destroy the component of production. Flavour, dairy, plant and vegetable extract liquid, pharmacy, biology, chemical,material, resins,ceramics and superconductors biochemicals,etc.

High efficient jet imported, two-flow spray atomizing structure, 316 stainless steel.
LCD touch screen displays temperature, airflow, air pressure, pump speed and jet cleaner frequency.
Auto controlling: one touch on/off, once processing parameters are set, peristaltic pump will be auto started; screen displays animation of the whole process of experiment.
Manual controlling is available, be able to adjust technical parameters during the process of experiment.
With jet cleaner (stylet), its frequency can be automatically adjusted.
Power off thermal-protection, push off button and the equipment will stop at once, except draught fan, make sure equipment won’t be burned out by incorrect operation (Forcibly shut fan).
Spray chamber, cyclone separator, and receiving bottle are all made of transparent heat-resistant high-borosilicate glass; it creates a no-pollution environment for the drying process. All the spare parts are easy to install and wash.
Build in oil-free air compressor. The sound is low than 60db, and following the GMP standards.
Use PID controller, the accuracy of heating temperature is around±1°C.
The self-priming peristaltic pump delivers the sample liquid from a container through a small diameter jet into the main chamber to avoid pollution. To make sure the process conducted steady and smoothly.
Narrow size distribution, more than 95% of the dry powders are in the same range of particles.
Automatic jet cleaner (stylet) prevents the jet from becoming blocked and variably controlled.
Innovative tower wall purging device, improves the material recycling rate.
Touch Screen, in both English and Chinese panel
Warning: This lab spray dryer can only be used for aqueous solution, Organic solvent forbidden!


Model SPD-015
Inlet air temp. control 30 ℃-300℃
Outlet temperature 30 ℃-140℃
Temp. control accuracy ±1℃
Evaporation water volume 1500-2000ml/h
Average drying time 1.0 to 1.5S
Blowing rate 0-330m3/h, 686Pa
Air compressor 4.2m3/h, 2-5bar
Standard Nozzle dia.1.0mm
Optional Nozzle 0.7mm、1.5mm、2mm can be customized according to customer requirements;
Electric heater power 3KW   220V  50Hz
Dimensions 1300×750×500mm3(H×W×D)
N.W 130Kg
G.W 170Kg


Model SPD-030 SPD-050
Inlet air temp. control 30 ℃-300℃ 30 ℃-300℃
Outlet temperature 30 ℃-140℃ 30 ℃-140℃
Temp. control accuracy ±1℃ ±1℃
Evaporation water volume 2000mL/H ~ 3000ml/h 3000mL/H ~ 5000ml/h
Max. feed amount up to 3000ml/h (adjustable) up to 5000ml/h (adjustable)
Min. feed amount 50ml 100ml
Feeding mode peristaltic pump adjustment peristaltic pump adjustment
Electric heater power 5KW 6KW
Average drying time 1.0 to 1.5S 1.0 to 1.5S
Nozzle dia 0.7mm、1mm、1.5mm、2mm optional and can be customized according to customer requirements;
Drying chamber dia 500mm 800mm
Machine power 6KW AC220V single phase + ground 7.5KW AC380V three- phase + ground
Equipment weight about 160KG 240Kg
Equipment dimensions 1450mm (H) × 750mm (L) × 950mm (W) 1850mm (H) × 1300mm (L) × 1300mm (W)


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