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Liquid Chromatograph, HPLC-5100

  1. Detector: Diode Array Detector, UV-VIS Detector
  2. Pump flow range: 0.001~10.000 ml/min
  3. Oven temp. range: Ambient + 5 ℃~85℃
  4. Conroller: 2-4 online degasser

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5100 HPLC System is the a high-end product, suitable for research and development.


  1. High pressure constant flow pump with parallel pump heads and optimized 5mm stroke of plunger rod ensuring perfect pump performance
  2. The higher level of integration with binary or quarter nary pumps integrated into one set of module
  3. Specially designed column oven for GPC, which represents greater capacity of three ID 8.0x 300 mm columns
  4. Adoption of advanced UDP communication protocol that is fast, stable and can be used for instrument remote control
  5. Equipped with Chromsoft data system match fully the FDA 21CFR Part 11
  6. The HPLC system being more integrated and intelligent

System Configuration

  1. Isocratic system
  2. High -pressure binary gradient system
  3. Quaternary low-pressure gradient system
  4. ELITE- AAK/ AAPamino acid analytical system
Isocratic Systems Configurations Binary High Pressure Gradient Systems Configurations
Description Quantity Description Quantity
HPLC-5100P1 High Pressure Constant Flow Pump 1 ea HPLC-5100P2 Binary High Pressure Constant Flow Pump 1 ea
HPLC-5100DT  UV/VIS Detector 1 ea HPLC-5100DT  UV/VIS Detector 1 ea
HPLC-5100SL  Auto-Samper (alternative) 1 ea HPLC-5100SL  Auto-Samper (alternative) 1 ea
HPLC-5100DADS Diode Array Detector(DAD) (alternative) 1 ea HPLC-5100DADS Diode Array Detector(DAD) (alternative) 1 ea
HPLC-7725SI Sample Injector 1 ea HPLC-7725SI  Sample Injector 1 ea
HPLC-5100CO  Column Oven (alternative) 1 ea HPLC-5100CO  Column Oven (alternative) 1 ea
iChrom HPLC Column 1 ea iChrom HPLC Column 1 ea
HPLC-5100 WS  Workstation 1 set HPLC-5100 WS  Workstation 1 set
HPLC-5100SC1 System Manager 1 ea HPLC-5100SC2 System Manager (include Binary Degasser) 1 ea


HPLC-5100P Series Pumps

  • HPLC-5100P1 high pressure pump
  • HPLC-5100P2 high pressure binary pump
  • HPLC-5100P3 low pressure quaternary pump
Flow Range 0.001~10.000 ml/min(step 0.001 ml/min)
Accuracy ≤±0.2%
Precision ≤0.06% RSD
Pressure Range 0- 63 MPa
Power AC 220 V±10%,50 Hz/100 W
Dimensions/Weight 540×400×160 mm (Length × Width × Height)/25 kg

HPLC-5100SL  Auto-sampler

HPLC-5100SL  auto sampler is used as the sample injection unit.

  • Designed mode of needle and pallet shorten injection time
  • 8 points calibration methodimproves positioning accuracy
  • Advanced sampling mode brings low injection residue
  • Side-opening injection needle avoids blockage
Inject volume range 0~100 µL
Number of vials 120
Precision <0.2% RSD
Power AC220 V±10%,50Hz/30 W
Dimensions/Weight 540×400×300 mm (Length × Width × Height)/23 kg

HPLC-5100CO Column Oven

HPLC-5100CO  column oven is a column heating device, it can install at most three columns (250mm in length).

  • Special modulation method ensures the accurate power control (1/65000W)
  • Digital PID setting technology shorten the heating balance time to 20 minutes
Temperature range Ambient + 5 ℃~85℃
Accuracy ±0.1℃
Precision ≤0.1℃
Power AC220 V±10%,50 Hz/130 W
Dimensions/Weight 540×400×120 mm (Length × Width × Height) /15 kg

HPLC-5100SC  System Controller:

  • HPLC-5100SC system controller integrates data communication hub, power distribution hub, solvent tray, and on-line degassing.
  • HPLC-5100SC1 System controller for iChrom5100
  • HPLC-5100SC2 System controller for iChrom5100 with binary on-line degassing
  • HPLC-5100SC3 System controller for iChrom5100 with quaternary on-line degassing use with P5103
On-line Degasser 2-4
Wetted Materials PEEK,Teflon® AF
Power AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz/30 W
Dimensions /Weight 540×400×120 mm (Length × Width × Height)/10 kg

HPLC-5100DAD  Diode Array Detector, HPLC-5100DT  UV-VIS Detector

The detector is a detection unit of HPLC system, It can get chromatogram at any wavelength (from 180 nm to 800nm) at once, and also obtain the corresponding spectrogram information, and generate 3D spectrogram.

Linearity ≥2.0 AU
Wavelength Range 190~800 nm
Noise ≤±1.0×10-5 AU
Drift ≤2.0×10-4 AU/h
Power AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz/100 W
Dimensions/Weight 540×400×160 mm (Length × Width × Height)/16 kg

Chromsoft Data System

Chromsoft data system is designed according to the requirements of “Pharmaceutical Research Chromatograph Data System and Chromatographic Data Management”. It meets the requirements of GLP/GMP and 21CFR Part11 compliance well. There are multiple operating units such as multi-system control, extended SST module, extended GPC module and extended PDA module can be selected according to your requirements.

Chromsoft PAD Module

Four views can be opened in PDA chromatogram simultaneously, and each view can be set according to your needs including contour map, chromatogram map, spectrogram map, 3D view, peak purity, peak purity spectrum, spectrum library, spectrum search view. What’s more, it has many other functions, such as spectral library retrieval, peak purity calculation and multichannel comparison and so on.

Chromsoft GPC Module

GPC module is applied to molecular weight distribution calculation. The analysis of GPC data can be provided automatic by the workstation, which makes data processing easier. And several correction function are working in the system to ensures the reliability of GPC data.

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