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Manifolds Vacuum Filtration, MFA Series

  • Specification: 1-branch, 3-branch, 6-branch
  • Funnel: 300ml Glass, SS316L
  • Stainless steel valve
  • Stainless steel holder (SS316L)

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  1. Stainless steel funnel SS316L, stainless steel filter head SS316L
  2. Glass funnel, glass filter head , PTFE sieve
  3. Stainless steel holder (SS316L)
  4. Stainless steel valve
  5. Stainless steel lid SS316L
  6. Clamp of anodized aluminum
  7. Membrane Selection. The selection of the membrane is the key to achieve the best filtering effect. The membrane material must be suitable for the different characteristics of the filter medium and has to be chemical resistant against it. Available with pore size : 0.22μm , 0.45μm , 0.8μm and more . The diameter of the membrane is Φ47mm or Φ50mm .
  8. All the manifolds can be autoclaved at 121°C for 20-30 minutes or sterilized with epoxyethane etc.


Catalog No. Specification Funnel Valve Support screen &Pore size Connection Holder
MFA-1G/MFA-1PTFE 1-branch 300ml Glass SS Glass/PTFE, 20pm Ground joint SS316L
MFA-1S 1-branch SS316L SS SS316L, 100pm Integral SS316L SS316L
MFA-3G/MFA-3PTFE 3-branch 300ml Glass SS Glass/PTFE, 20pm Ground joint SS316L
MFA-3S 3-branch SS316L SS SS316L ,100pm Integral SS316L SS316L
MFA-6S 6-branch SS316L SS SS316L ,100pm Integral SS316L SS316L
MFA-6G/MFA-6PTFE 6-branch 300ml Glass SS Glass/PTFE, 20pm Ground joint SS316L


  1. Attach the glass filter head on the SS holder (all SS filter manifolds have head and holder connected in one piece) and turn carefully to fit with the holder.
  2. Put the membrane filter on the sieve , attach the funnel to the filter head , and attach the clamp .
  3. Connect the rubber tube to the vacuum nozzle of pump , the other side to the collecting bottle .
  4. Connect the rubber tube to the nozzle of the manifolds vacuum filtration , the other side to the nozzle of the collecting bottle.
  5. Fill the solution into the funnel, open the valve and start up the vacuum pump . The solution flows through the membrane in the filter head through the holder into the collecting bottle due to the action of vacuum


  1. Depending on the different characteristics of the solution , choose the suitable membrane filter between the funnel and the filter head , align the ground part and fix with clamp .
  2. Press the switch to start the pump , put the solvent into the funnel to filter.
  3. When filtering prevent over filling the collection bottle . Solvent into the pump may be hazardous or can damage the pump.
  4. If there is leakage between filter head and funnel, please check whether ground part is align and the membrane is flat, and if the clamp is fixed and proper seated .
  5. When the flow rate decreases , check whether there are excessive impurities on the membrane affecting the filtration speed and please replace the membrane filter if required .

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