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Micro-volume UV VIS Spectrophotometer, SP-YUV100

  1. Wavelength: 200-800nm; cuvette (OD600): 600±8nm
  2. Sample Volume: 0.5-2.0ul
  3. Path Length: 0.05mm; 0.2mm; 1.0mm
  4. 7-inch touched screen
  5. Cuvette slot
  6. Measurement without dilution
  7. Long life’s Xenon flash lamp
  8. USB output

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1. Friendly Android operation system, 7-inch touched screen.
2. Cuvette slot available for bacteria/microbe concentration test.
3. Only 0.5~2μl sample volume requested, which can be recycled after test, ideal for precious samples
4. Measurement without dilution, test result display and read easily
5. Long life’s Xenon flash lamp
6. Reliable and quick data USB output for analysis.
7. No computer required for measurement and data storage. Image and excel table can be output.


Model SP-YUV100
Wavelength 200 ~ 800nm; cuvette (OD600): 600±8nm
Sample Volume 0.5  ~  2.0ul
Path Length 0.05mm; 0.2mm; 1.0mm
Light Source Xenon flash lamp
Detector 2048 -element linear silicon CCD array
Wavelength Accuracy 1nm
Spectral Resolution ≤ 3nm(FWHM at Hg 546nm)
Absorbance Precision 0.003Abs
Absorbance Accuracy 1%(7.332 Abs at 260nm)
Absorbance Range (equaled 10mm) 0.02-300A; Cuvette (OD600 ):0~12A
Measurement Time < 6S
Nucleic Acid Range 2~15000ng /ul(dsDNA)
Sample pedestal 304 Stainless steel and Quartz fiber
Power Adaptor 12V 4A
Power 48W
Standby Power 5W
Operation System Android
Dimension(mm) 270*210*196
Weight 3.5kg

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