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Mini Suction system, VACP Series

  1. Gas Flow:26L/m
  2. Vacuum Degree:0.09Mpa
  3. Pressure:0~0.09Mpa
  4. Max. Filter Bottle:250ml, 1000ml

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VACP-26D is small multi-purpose, pollution-free vacuum equipment, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and other industries. The solvent filtration system composed of vacuum pump and filter bottle produced by our company is designed for rapid solvent filtration and degassing, which is suitable for filtration and degassing of mobile phase in liquid chromatography analysis. At the same time, it is also widely used in weight analysis, microanalysis, alternate separation and aseptic test.

Product Features:

◆Small and beautiful, small volume and large use, low noise

◆Low power consumption of motor drive;

◆The empty film adopts oil resistance and excellent damping effect, which greatly improves the service life.

◆Pressure regulator and exhaust valve, very humanized.


Voltage AC100~120V/AC200~240V 50~60Hz AC100~120V/AC200~240V 50~60Hz
Gas Flow 26L/m 26L/m
Vacuum Degree 0.09Mpa 0.09Mpa
Pressure 0~0.09Mpa 0~0.09Mpa
Max. Filter Bottle 250ml 1000ml
Ambient Temperature 5℃~30℃ 5℃~30℃
Relative Humidity 0.7 0.7
Power 60W 60W
195×275×150 195×275×165
weight 4.2kg 4.5kg


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