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Multi-Functional Electrophoresis Power Supply, GEP-PW-W600T

  1. Output range voltage:5-600V;current:1-1200mA;1-500w
  2. Sensitive limit:voltage 1V, current:1mA, power:1w
  3. Output: constant voltage, constant current and constant power

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Output: constant voltage, constant current and constant power.

Automatic adjustment: Any one of constant voltage, constant current and constant power is set constant value, the rest are set automatically, which avoids the manual working and phenomenon of false-constant value.

Micro-current mode: micro-current mode is triggered automatically once the   electrophoresis activity is finished, which avoids the diffusion of sample and idle work.

Safety: Automatic monitor of over-voltage, voltaic arc, no load, sudden change of load, overload, and short circuit. Leakage protection, function of pause, alarming of open circuit

Temperature control: real- time monitoring temperature, lowering output power automatically if the upper limit of temperature is reached, which avoids the excess temperature.

Others: LCD readable voltage, current, power, time set.4 -group parallel connection with multi-electrophoresis apparatus. Storage of 20 programmable methods with each less than 10 steps.


Output range voltage 5-600V;current:1-1200mA;1-500w
Sensitive limit voltage 1V, current:1mA, power:1w
Time set 1min–99h59min
Dimension 308×242×100mm(L×W×H)
Weight 3.9Kg


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