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Multi-Tube Vortexer, VMX-MTII

  • Speed range: 500-2500rpm
  • Speed Control Accuracy: ±1rpm
  • Amplitude: 3.6mm
  • LCD display

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Multi-Tube Vortexer

  1. LCD display speed and the timing, microprocessor control
  2. Equipped with 12mm a foam test tube rack and tray mats.
  3. The maximum speed can reach 2500 rpm, well mixing effect

Multi-Tube Vortexer packaging

Multi-Tube Vortexer packaging


Type Parameter VMX-MTII
Speed range 500-2500rpm
Speed Control Accuracy ±1rpm
Amplitude 3.6mm
Timing os-99h59m
lntervals 1-99s
Max.Load Capacity 4.5kg
Top Panel Dimensions(L×W) 310×180 mm
Voltage AC 100-230,50/60Hz
Power 75W
Fuse 250V,1A,5×20
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 426×246×474
Net Weight 14.7kg


Optional blocks:

Type Picture Sponge Tube Rack(mm) Capacity Dimension(mm)
s1 Multi-Tube Vortexer Φ10(Φ12) 50 245×132×45 mm
s2 Multi-Tube Vortexer Φ13 50 245×132×45 mm
s3 Multi-Tube Vortexer Φ16(15ml Centrifuge tube) 50 245×132×45 mm
s4 Multi-Tube Vortexer Φ25 15 245×132×45 mm
s5 Multi-Tube Vortexer Φ29(50ml Centrifuge tube) 15 245×132×45 mm
s6 Multi-Tube Vortexer Replaceable tray(Upper) 305×178.5×25 mm
s7 Multi-Tube Vortexer Replaceable tray(Lower) 305×178.5×50 mm


S6 & S7 are essential, then choose a sponge tube rack for your tubes.


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