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Sample Concentrator, NEC150-1/2

NEC150-1 is a high-precision control instrument that combines microcomputer and PID.

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NEC150-1 is a high-precision control instrument that combines microcomputer and PID. Working principle: the nitrogen can be blowed onto the surface of the heated samples and then set the heating temperature to achieve rapid concentration of a large number of samples.

Product Features:

◆Blowing each sampel independently, avoid cross-contamination

◆The gas flow can be adjusted

◆Each blow needle can be controlled

◆The gas needle corresponds vertically to the hole position, which is intuitive and convenient to adjust.

◆High temperature accuracy, wide temperature range and convenient temperature calibration

◆Protection device, accurate positioning, safe use


NEC150-1 NEC150-2
Temp.Range R.T.+5℃-150℃
Heating Time 30min (20°C to 150°C)
Temperature Control Discrepancy@40°℃ ±0.3℃
Temperature Control Discrepancy@100℃ ±0.5℃
Temperature Control Discrepancy@120℃ ±1℃
Quantity 1 2
Time 0~99h59min
Nitrogen Flow 0~12L/min
Pressure ≤0.1MPa
Power 200w 400w
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 220x290x540mm

Insert Block:

Type Picture Tube Diameter Capacity Dimension(mm)
D1A 6 mm 12 96.5X76.5×50
D2A 7 mm 12 96.5×76.5X50
D3A 10 mm 12 96.5×76.5X50
D4A 12 mm 12 96.5X76.5X50
D5A 13mm 12 96.5×76.5X50
D6 15mm 12 96.5X76.5X50
D7 16mm 12 96.5×76.5X50
D8 19 mm 12 96.5X76.5X50
D9 20 mm 12 96.5X76.5X50
D10 26mm 8


D11 28 mm 6 96.5X76.5X50
D12 40 mm 3 96.5X76.5X50
D13A 0.5ml Centrifuge
12 96.5X76.5×50
D14A 1.5 ml Centrifuge
12 96.5×76.5×50
D15A 2.0 ml Centrifuge
12 96.5×76.5×50
D16A 0.2ml 12 96.5X76.5X50
D19 Customized

Standard Spec:

Standard block is D6, but users can choose any one of D1-D19to replace the D6.

Optional adjustable gas flow valve.


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