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Delivery Bed and Gynecological Operating Bed, Double Dirt Basin, ODB-II

  • 150mm TENTE central control double-sided casters
  • Concealable double dirt basin
  • Imported medical linear motor

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The integrated delivery bed, integrates delivery, expectation, delivery, recuperation and gynecological surgery, gynecological examination and diagnosis.

  1. Casters: 150mm TENTE central control double-sided casters imported from Germany;
  2. LDR delivery bed special hanging type and can be hidden dirt basin (double dirt basin);
  3. The operating system adopts double-sided guardrail control keys, which is convenient for mothers to adjust themselves;
  4. The host is a medical linear motor imported from Denmark, without a voltage stabilizer, and the operation is safe and stable without noise;
  5. The adjustment methods of the back, knees, height and lowering of the whole bed are completed by the electric motor operation system, and the head tilt is completed by the manual operation;
  6. Split type lifting guardrail to make the parturient safer;
  7. The central control brake system makes the delivery bed more stable;
  8. Provide hospitals to choose the hip position V-shaped incision or straight edge mattress;
  9. The operating table is equipped with a built-in battery to ensure the normal use of the equipment in the event of a power failure.


Model ODB-II
Casters 150mm TENTE central control double-sided casters
Dirt basin Double
Lifting guardrail Split type


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