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Rapid Gel Type Imager, GEP-TI2G

  1. 1.4 million pixel digital CCDand special filter
  2. Real-time previewand image
  3. Transmission UV lamp power:302nm (8W)
  4. Reflective UV lamp power:254nm (11W), 365nm (11W)

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Performance Characteristics

  • Built-in 1.4 million pixel digital CCDand special filter, with higher detection sensitivity, and the ability to capture weak band signals;
  • Real-time previewand image acquisition of experimental maps;
  • Adopt ultraviolet filter glass and quartz ultraviolet lamp tube, long service life and uniform light;
  • Equipped with a glue-cuttingoperation port.

Product Usage

It is suitable for observing and photographing nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis gels.


Transmission area(W*L) 200*150 (mm)
Wavelength of transmitted ultraviolet light source 302 (nm)
Wavelength of reflected ultraviolet light source 254 (nm), 365 (nm)
Transmission UV lamp power 302nm (8W)
Reflective UV lamp power 254nm (11W), 365nm (11W)
Dimensions(L*W*H) 435*295*490 (mm)
Net weight 18.5 (kg)

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