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Refrigerated/ Heating Circulator, RECH Series

  1. Working Temp Range: -30~200, -80~200℃
  2. Temperature Stability: 0.5℃
  3. Bath Fluid Filling Volume: 3.5L, 12L, 17L, 25L
  4. Flow Rate: 25, 30, 40L/min


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Dynamic temperature control system is a hermetic refrigerated heating circulator which is designed for fast heat-up and cool-down times in external applications. It is widely used to provide cold source and heat source to jacketed reaction vessel, tanks or other demanding applications in fields like pharmaceutical, chemical and biological industries etc.

1.Wide working temperature ranges using one bath fluid: -80℃-200℃
2.Refrigeration system, Heating system and Pre-cooling system can work independently or work together continuously.
3.Rapid heat-up or cool-down.
4.Cool down directly from high temperature.
5.The bath fluid runs in a closed loop. It is not likely to volatilize and oxidize under high temperature, or absorb water from ambient air under low temperature, which increased bath fluid life.
6.Maintenance-free heat exchanger provides powerful heat exchanging.
7.Designed with bath fluid monitoring window, avoid shortage of liquid.
8.Multi safety protections: Over temperature cut-off, electrical leakage protection, over-current protection etc.
9.It is available with air cooling and water cooling.

Typical Applications
1.Temperature control of jacketed or double jacketed reactors used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biological industries.
2.Temperature control of material testing.
3.Temperature control during distillation process.
4.Analog control of temperature changes during a certain process.
5.Thermostatic control system.
6.Temperature control of semiconductor device.
7.Temperature control of thermal testing platform.
8.Temperature control of vacuum chambers.


Model RECH-5-200-30 RECH-20-200-80 RECH-50-200-80 RECH-100-200-80
Working Temperature Range (℃) -30~200 -80~200 -80~200 -80~200
Temperature Stability (℃) ±0.5
Power Supply 220-240V~, 50Hz 3~, 380V, 50Hz
Overall Power (kW) 3 7.9 15 35.1
Cooling Capacity (W) 200℃ 0.6 1.7 3 3
10℃ 0.6 4.3 8.2 18
-10℃ 0.4 3.1 6.2 12
-20℃ 0.3 2.3 4.5 7.3
-30℃ 0.17 1.2 2.5 4
-35℃ 2 5 10
-60℃ 1.4 1 6
-78℃ 0.45 1 2.5
Refrigerant R404A R404A/R23 R404A/R23 R404A/423
Bath Fluid Filling Volume (L) 3.5 12 17 25
Heating Power (kW) 2 3 6 12
Pump Capacity Flow Rate (L/min) 25 30 40
Pressure (bar) 1.5 1 1.2
Dimensions (mm) 420W×640D×850H 885W×1315D×1565H 885W×1340D×1580H 1010W×1740D×1620H
Net Weight (kg) 106 393 465 714


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