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Salt Content Analyzer, SA-2001

Man-machine dialogue function, easy to operate
The electrolytic cell adopts a special ceramic sand core
More stable, accurate and repeatable results

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The instrument adopts the principle of microcoulomb titration: the sample to be tested enters the salt electrolytic cell, and the Cl- in the sample reacts with the Ag+ in the electrolyte;By calculating the amount of electricity consumed by electrogenerated Ag+, the Cl- and salt content of the sample can be obtained according to Faraday’s law.

It is used for the salt content of crude oil and its products, and can be used for the determination of salt content in heavy oil, residual oil, refinery and oil field, various industrial water and discharge water, and for the measurement of inorganic chloride ions in the above-mentioned samples.

● Windows operating platform, man-machine dialogue function, easy to operate.
● The parameters, measurement peak shape and measurement results are displayed on the screen, and can be stored or printed.
● The electrolytic cell adopts a special ceramic sand core, which replaces the previous yin and yang membrane, and the measurement sensitivity is improved.
● The results are more stable, accurate and repeatable.


Model SA-2001
Measuring range Salt content: 0.2~10000mgNaCl/L
Inorganic chloride ion: 0.1ppm~%
Measurement accuracy <3mg/L, r<0.3mg/L
3mg/L~10mg/L, r≤1.2mg/L
>10mg/L, 10% of the average value
Sampling volume 1g±0.2g
Titration method Coulometric titration
Measurement time ≤5 minutes/sample (excluding sample processing)
Instrument completeness Host (amplifier), stirrer, centrifuge, mixer, water bath, computer (including operating software), printer, etc.


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