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Sample Concentrator, BN200

  1. Module optional
  2. Automatic fault detection and alarming
  3. over-temperature protection device
  4. Temperature range:Room temperature +5℃~180℃
  5. Nitrogen flow:LED display

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Working Principle:
Blowing the nitrogen into the surface of the heated samples, so that the dissolvent in the samples can be evaporated and separated quickly, which comes up to the oxygen-free concentration and keeps the higher pureness of samples.
The use of sample concentration instead of the commonly used rotary evaporimeter for concentration, can have simultaneous concentration of dozens of samples, which makes the sample preparation time greatly shortened, and has the advantages of time-saving, easy operation and fast.


1.Sample visualization.

2.Module optional, with 5ml /12 hole, 5ml /24 hole, 20ml /12 hole, 20ml / 24 hole.

3.Automatic fault detection and alarming.

4.Built-in over-temperature protection device.

5.Flow-meter pressure reducing valve is optional.


Temperature range Room temperature +5℃~180℃
Heating time ≤30min (from 40℃ to 180℃)
Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃(40-100℃)
Display accuracy ±1℃(100~180℃)
Display mode 0.1
Nitrogen flow LED display
Nitrogen pressure 0-10L/min
Dimensions ≤0.1MPa

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