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Sequencing Electrophoresis Tank, GEP-CSQ2A

  1. Glass area (W×L): 380×320 (mm)
  2. Gel area (W×L): 350×300 (mm)
  3. Gel thickness: 0.4 (mm)
  4. Number of gels: 1 (piece)
  5. Buffer volume: ~1500 (ml)

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Performance characteristics

  1. Adopt the buffer cooling structure to ensure the uniformity of the gel temperature;
  2. Applicable to higher power electrophoresis electric field, shorten the experiment time;
  3. Equipped with a buffer discharge port to facilitate the disposal of residual liquid;
  4. Safe lid opening button design, convenient for opening the upper lid;
  5. The detachable electrode holder makes the maintenance of the electrode more convenient, faster and safer;
  6. The high-quality red shark tooth comb is easy to observe and sample, and it is not easy to cross samples.
  7. The unique power-off function for opening the lid makes the experiment process safe and reliable.

Product Usage

Suitable for AFLP analysis, differential display, microsatellite analysis (SSR), SSCP research, heteroduplex nucleic acid molecule analysis, DNA footprint method, RNase protection test, S1 nuclease map, primer extension analysis.





Glass area (W×L) 380×320 (mm)
Gel area (W×L) 350×300 (mm)
Gel thickness 0.4 (mm)
Number of gels 1 (piece)
Sample throughput (0.4mm thick) 68 shark teeth
Buffer volume ~1500 (ml)
Dimensions (L×W×H) 406×176×400 (mm)
Net weight 11.2 (kg)

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