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Shakers, Orbital Type, SHK-O0310II/SHK-O0220

  • Speed: 50-300rpm; 50-250rpm
  • Orbit Diameter: 10mm; 20mm
  • LCD display


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SHK-O0310II SHK-O0220 series of orbital shakers are versatile, and the gentle oscillations are suitable for a variety of mixing tasks in different fields. It uses DC brushless motor technology and microcomputer control technology to mix and match various common flasks, petri dishes and beakers by changing different trays. It is easy to operate and is suitable for fields such as biology, microbiology and medical analysis.

Product Features:

  1. Low energy consumption and low noise.
  2. Adjustable speed, Suitable for use in freezer rooms.
  3. LCD display, simple and convenience.
  4. The time controller can alarm automatically
  5. Replaceable trays for different containers.


Type SHK-O0310II SHK-O0220
Speed 50-300rpm 50-250rpm
Orbit Diameter 10mm 20mm
Timing 1min-99h59m
Weight 3kg 2.5kg
Ambient Temperature 4-45°C
Dimension(W×DXH)(mm) 284x264x90mm
Voltage AC100-230V


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